Bride’s Guide – For Trinity

Only a few days left! I’m gonna keep this brief, I know first hand how busy you are.

These are just a few notes to help make the photos the best that they can be.


When I get there I’ll start off taking a bunch of detail shots. Theres a list of things that I’ll be looking for down the page, it will really help if you can have someone (maybe Matrice, or Mckenzie?) gather those things up for me to photograph.

Please make sure to have the rings handy. I like to get the ring shots out of the way early. This will take about 45 minutes

Then we’ll get some photos of you & your ladies getting ready. This will be mostly candid stuff. I may put you in a place with better lighting but thats about it.

Note: Mess happens, but try to keep thinks a little tidy so in the photos everything looks its best.

Candids & Breakaway for Bobby photos

I’ll break away for a little bit to get photos of Bobby & his crew getting ready. Tami, my 2nd shooter, may stick around and get some more candid photos while I’m doing this.

Getting Dressed

When I get back it should be about time to get the dress on. We’ll get into some pseudo-staged photos of your ladies helping you get dressed. AND of course that bathtub photo!! Thats gonna be awesome!

First Look

Then its time for the first look with your dad. I’m thinking roughly 5:30 so you have some time after to fix makeup & make sure you’re re-prettied because I’m sure you’re gonna be all “in your feels” for this.

Flow of events:

  • I’ll get there around 1 and scope out the property
  • 1:30ish – detail photos
  • bridal party candids
  • 3:00/3:30ish breakaway to shoot Bobby & his guys
  • “putting the dress on” & pseudo-staged photos
  • 5:30 1st look with your dad (10ish minutes)
  • ceremony
  • private moment just you & Bobby (5 minutes)
  • group photos (< 1 hour) link to the list
  • party!!
    • depending on what the sky looks like I may pull you two away for more photos around sunset (7:50), but I’ll keep it brief

Items for Details

A brief list of detail stuff that I’m going to be looking to shoot:

  • bouquet & flowers
  • invitation suite
  • garter
  • earrings
    • other general jewelry
  • rings – have all 3 please!
  • candles
  • if you’re drinking
    • glasses
    • the bottle
  • shoes (unworn)
  • the dress (didn’t think I’d forget that 🤪)
  • vail
  • anything of personal of family significance (please point these things out to me)
  • perfume
  • something borrowed, some thing blue