Grooms Guide – For Bobby

Hey Bobby! Only a couple of days left, and I’m sure you guys have a ton on your plate still, so I’m gonna keep this real brief. These are just a few helpful tips so that we can get the absolute best photos with a minimal amount of time & fuss.

  • I know this might sound silly but spend some time (like 2x 10 minute sessions) practicing your smile in the mirror.
  • When I get to the groom’s suite (around 3:00ish) I’m going to be taking photos of any accessories & such: watch, cufflinks, tie, shoes, jacket, fancy socks… that is if you’re wearing fancy socks
    • speaking of which, if they’re fancy then please, don’t put them on before I’ve shot them
  • If you’re wearing bow-ties please make sure someone knows how to tie them before Saturday LOL
  • If you’re incorporating any military details into your suit please point them out to me
    • Similarly if there is anything of personal or family significance

I’m going to take some candid photos of you & your guys (Aaron, JD, & the whole crew) hanging out before you start getting ready. Then I’ll do some pseudo-staged photos of them helping you get ready. I’ll keep this staged stuff brief, 10-15 minutes tops.

If you can try and keep an area clean that’ll help make the photos look that much better.

Let me know if you want some photos with your mom (Doris, right?) while you’re getting ready. Same thing with any other photo requests, don’t hesitate to ask.

My goal for you is to get these photos done quickly, and with as little fanfare as possible.

See you on Saturday!! If you have any questions shoot me a text or call 727-430-9583

If I still have your attention here is a list of stuff that I’m going to be on the lookout to photograph. If you could have Aaron or someone gather this up for me to shoot it would help me out a bunch.

  • Cuff links
  • Ties
  • Shoes
    • Socks if they’re fancy/specialty
  • Military details
  • Details of personal or family significance
  • Watch (if its new: in the box if you have it)
  • Groomsman’s gifts
  • If you’re dinking, the glasses & bottle
  • Boutonnières